Italian medical doctors abroad

During the last decades, many Italian physicians have been migrating to different countries in the word with different goals. In these countries they have been very important to take care of people in different medical specialties. Together with them, there are other physicians with particular connection with Italy (E.g.: first grade descendents).
It is time to connect all these physicians in benefit not only for local purposes but also for Italy and all countries across the globe.

There is a need for greater visibility and cohesion of these physicians. Their combined intellectual and technical strength can be a vital force in the development of the Italian healthcare sector and for improving patient's lives for the benefit of people of Italy and the world.
The main objective of this network is to stimulate all Italians physicians to participate on research and community projects in Italy.
All medical specialties will be involved and all the Italians' physicians across the globe are invited to participate to this project.

Benefits of being a member include:
Participate to research activities related to multicentre studies;
Participate to grants at the national and international level to facilitate international contacts, especially with Italian expatriates;
Facilitate the exchange of medical students; junior and senior medical doctors;
Opportunities to network and interact with colleagues in different countries.
Possibility to put the curriculum on the web site for new job opportunities.

Our website is now open to all Italians expatriates and free of charge. Just fill in the initial form.
Soon you will receive more information regarding to our initial projects. Privacy will be provided to everyone.